The Cathy Brent team is the best team in real estate in the bay area. They are very knowledgeable in every aspect.
Anthony T. and Clara F.
Cathy Brent was wonderful, from our first meeting, throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend her services.
Mary Colburn
Client comment: Cathy Brent and her team were outstanding. We were informed throughout the entire transaction. We received a great sales price for our home. And purchased our new home at the price we wanted to pay. Moving after 24 years in one home is a overwhelming task to say the least. But Cathy Brent helped us throughout the process. She kept saying don’t worry things will come together. And everything came together and she met and exceeded our expectations. Thank you Cathy and thank you Team.
Mark & Denise Robello
Cathy could not have done anything better. She was wonderful breaking down what needed to be done before selling. She also got all the different workers needed to complete the remodel all the way to staging the house. If not for her help I don’t believe we would have had such a fast and successful sale. Cathy took the stress out of the entire process.
Joan Tonsberg & Maria Besaw
We can’t imagine that there are better people in real estate sales than Cathy Brent… We have used her services in the past and we will use her services in the future if we require an agent… we consider her a friend and are totally confident in her advice and skills as an agent !!! Any time you need positive input about Cathy Brent please feel free to contact us at any time…
Joe and Cathi G.
The Cathy Brent team is fabulous! I couldn’t ask for a more attentive agent(s) than that team. Cathy has everything covered from soup to nuts, making the transaction/transition as smooth as silk. Kathi Townsend has been her right hand for many years and no one is a stranger to her. They take the worry about selling/buying right out!!! Trustworthy and dependable, which we don’t come by easily anymore.
Robin Hegstrom Robello
Cathy and her team were absolutely fantastic.
David Nadler, POA
Cathy sold a home for us in 2001 and we were completely satisfied then and she was the first person we thought of to sell this home. She is excellent sales person. Handles all questions immediately and was always available. A sincere and caring person. We would always recommend her.
Patricia S. & Kathleen G.
Cathy Brent is the best agent anyone could have
Steven and Cheryl Phillips
Cathy Brent has a ton of knowledge in the real estate business and puts a fair price on listings. She is not unrealistic in expectations and get things done quickly. She also keeps the seller very informed along the way regarding the sale processes and anything the seller needs to do. She is friendly and makes the sale go as seamless as possible.
Kyle Kessler
Dear Cathy, Thank you so much for all of your help selling our house! It was very sweet of you to stop by our party and bring us the bottle of wine. We are so excited to be moving next week and you helped make that happen for us! We will miss seeing all of our California friends but hope we will get to see you when we come back often for visits! Thanks again for everything!
Frank, Rachael and Jerri
Amazing! That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of Cathy Brent and her sales ability. She meets, she listens, and then it’s all systems go. She plans and executes and before you know it, your property is sold. I can’t say enough about Cathy Brent. She is extremely professional and of course, very knowledgeable. If you want your house sold fast and for your price, or above it, she is the agent you want.
Linda Neff

After the unexpected death of my mother, I was dealing with so many emotions plus legalities including the sale of her home. Cathy and her team offered support, advise and guidance throughout the entire process which was completely foreign to me, never having sold property before. I basically turned the reins over the Cathy and she took over, but made sure to consult with me prior to any decisions and made sure I was comfortable with everything. I will definitely continue to use the Cathy Brent team for any real estate transactions in the future. They are professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Additionally we had multiple offers and accepted one within a few days of the only open house. Extremely satisfied with their service.
Robin Suarez

The amount of time/energy/detail put in by the agents was beyond any that we had ever experienced before. These associates were amazing.
Rey Maski

Ours was a challenging situation with complicated contracts. Very diligent to see the easement issues through to the end so that we were satisfied. Very professional team!
Josh & Deb Fookes

Patrick Malkasian

Cathy is the best! We could not have been more satisfied.
Hans & Linda Reuvekamp

I am glad that I contacted Cathy Brent. She and Diane are superstar quality professionals.
Anthony & Abigail Alburo

We wanted the number one realtor in our area and she was it based on our research.
Robert Flory

Could not be happier with my associate! Very detailed, organized and connected.
Tony & Kathryn Prescott

Cathy went above and beyond the duties of a realator in the current sale of our 3 homes she sold for us.
Ron Tsumoto

“Cathy provided me with the insight on what to do to promote the property & assisted with getting this accomplished. Without her expertise I doubt that the property would have sold as quickly or for the amount I received.”
Ken K.

We greatly appreciate all the help Cathy gave us as both Buyers & Sellers”
Stephen & Gayle D.

“Excellent we got the service we expected”
Vern & Sharon B.

“I felt more compatible with Cathy then any other agent ever”
Rafael R.

“Cathy Brent is very professional, courteous and followed thru in everyway to help us sell our home, we are very greatful”
Matthew M.

“The realtor team of Cathy Brent & Kathi Townsend were & are amazing. These 2 are golden. If there is an award for excellence in service, attention to detail, prompt contact, honesty, & compassion, I’ll fight to be first in line to nominate them. As a first time seller, I will admit to the jitters & nervousness. Within the first few contacts, I realized there was no need to worry about anything. This team has seen it all & knew what to watch for. I can’t find enough accolades or verbiage to express my gratitude for the service I received in their hands. I have found 2 people that I can say I truly trust. There are not many people I would say that about. At every step along the way I was informed. If there happened to be something that I needed to be involved with, I was contacted. They would explain the who, what, where, when, & why. Then promptly take care of it. I truly believe they should be teaching how the job of realtor is done. Their attention to detail, honesty, integrity, promptness, compassion, is beyond reproach. Thank you so very much for all you did for me. I can’t express my gratitude enough. If you ever need assistance with antiques, you know where to call”
Jerry K. McCracken